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Your Consultant  Wicklessmolly

My Story

Being a Scentsy Consultant for the last 9 years has been one of the best decisions I have made  My Scentsy journey began in Charlotte, NC and shortly after that I was able to take my Scentsy business to Iowa so I could spend more time with my grown children and grandchildren.  Nine grandchildren later, I am still enjoying the benefits of being a Scentsy Super Star Director.  My team has grown and I believe that is due to the awesome FREE training the company provides their consultants at their leiusre and because my group of Scentsy consutlants enjoy what they do and share what they do with others. Scentsy makes it so easy to become a consultant so I encourage you to start your Scentsy Journey today with me, Wicklessmolly ~ Sandy Sohn ~Scentsy Super Star Director!